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Miami NEC Phone Systems

The NEC DSX is an affordable phone system offering both Digital key phone system and VoiP phone system technology in one phone system. Acoustic Communications of Miami is proud to offer the NEC DSX phone system

  • NEC DSX can utilitze a managed network to operate IP phones both site and in remote offices.
  • Streamlined features that are to be used everyday are intuitive and simple.
  • Effective call routing with Line Scheduling, Multi-Language prompts and Call Center
  • NEC Intramail voicemail system offers sophisitcated features like Find Me, Follow Me, Message Notifications & Email.
  • Simple installation saves time and money making the DSX cost effective.
  • New programming options save time. Use department groups to streamline communications.

Miami based Acoustic Communications also stocks parts for the NEC Apsire and NEC Elite IPK! Please call to inquire about these parts.

The DSX Phone System

NEC Offers 3 different DSX phone systems for different size businesses. The DSX-40 for the small office phone system and the DSX-80 and DSX-160 for the mid-sized businesses. The highly successful DSX lines of phone systems offers high performance, flexibility as well as the ability ti custom design the phone system to your needs. Growth up to 160 ports, built in Caller ID and VoiP Support make this a good choice for growing businesses.

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The DSX Phones

The NEC DSX phones are sleeka nd compact. They feature speaker phones, large displays and built in desk / wall mounts with two position angle adjustment. Enhanced versions feature backlit displays and lit keypads. All DSX phones are available in black or white and in digital or IP versions. Also, NEC offers addon modules to increase the capacity of any DSX phone. Last but least is the digital Cordless phones that offer seamless integration with your DSX phone system.

DSX Intramail

The NEC DSX Intramail voicemail system is an InSkink, fully featured voicemail with Auto Attendant for the DSX. The Intramail auto attendant can answer incoming calls and route them them quickly and efficiently. Aside from normal voicemail functions you may record conversations, emulate an answering machine or use call returrn to return calls back based on the caller id. Interactive soft keys on the DSX phones guide useres through the DSX features. It is available in a 2, 4 or 8 port in normal or pro versions.

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